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The Halifax Centre of the RASC is an active association of over 200 amateur and professional astronomers, united by their appreciation of the night sky and the wonders it contains. The Centre is located in the provincial capital city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, but many members live in several outlying communities, other provinces, and even other countries. The roots of the Centre date back to 1951 when, with the help of Father Burke-Gaffney of St. Mary's University, the Nova Scotia Astronomical Society was founded. The NSAS became the Halifax Centre of the RASC in January 1955. The RASC prides itself in educating the general public about astronomy. The public programs sponsored by Halifax Centre include: lectures, public star nights, and activities during special astronomical events.

All photos and drawings on this site were created by RASC Halifax members, who reserve all rights.

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RASC October Meeting

Friday 20th November 2015

7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The VVV Survey

Daniel Majaess

The VVV survey is a multi-epoch near-infrared campaign monitoring stars in the Galactic Bulge and an adjacent region of the disk. The multi-epoch and near-infrared nature of the survey conspire to permit the detection of stars (e.g., Cepheids) lying behind obscuring dust clouds that are ubiquitous throughout the Galactic plane, thus bypassing problems that hindered existing campaigns in the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Thanks to the education provided to me by RASC members David Turner (JRASC editor) and Dave Lane (RASC president), I was able to help exploit the VVV data to address certain scientific objectives. A subset of the resulting findings will be discussed, including some recent discoveries made by the broader team of Chilean astronomers behind the campaign.

Following the meeting will refreshments and social time.

Sobeys Building, Room SB255 in the Sobeys Building (NOTE this is not our regular room!)(Map)

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