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Title:      The Natural History of the Universe
Categories:      Other
BookID:      45
Authors:      Colin A. Ronan
ISBN-10(13):      9780385253277
Publisher:      Bantam Books of Canada Ltd
Publication date:      1991
Number of pages:      0
Language:      English
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Space, the final frontier, is the last and most mysterious realm to challenge the human spirit. One's imagination follows the space probes reaching ever further into the depths of the cosmos, while the mind boggles at the revolutionary concepts conceived by mathematicians and scientists, to fit together the ceaseless flood of new information. Using straightforward language, graphics and up-to-date space imagery, this book tells the story of the universe; its birth, its life and its possible future. It provides extensive coverage of astronomical topics - planets and moons, galaxies and stars, pulsars and quasars, brown stars and black holes, worlds long past and those yet to come. The author's other books include "The Practical Astronomer" and "The Skywatcher's Handbook".

Explains ths story of the cosmos with sophisticated gorgeous illustrations. Clearly and concisely explains both fundamental concepts & great phenomena.
Double-page spreads that explore a topic and richly illuminate it w/ color photos and drawings.
Three parts:

I. Creation of the Universe--explains relativity,
space and time, quantum theory
II. The Grand Design--galaxies and stars, black
holes,pulsars and quasars
III. The Living Universe--Future life, life on
other planets


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