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Title:      The Mars Mystery
Categories:      Astronomy
BookID:      50
Authors:      Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval & John Grigsby
ISBN-10(13):      9780609802236
Publisher:      Three Rivers Press
Publication date:      1999
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Language:      English
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Johannes Kepler, the 17th century astronomer and mathematician, once exclaimed that ‘there are more comets in the sky than there are fishes in the sea’. In 1990, a NASA astronomer observed that ‘there are more professionals working in a single fast-food restaurant than there are professionals scanning the sky for asteroids.’

The search for earth-bound space debris has traditionally received only minimal funding and although improvements are planned they may be too little and too late. With inadequate technology and personnel, it is frighteningly unlikely that our lookouts will spot an earth-bound object in sufficient time for us to do anything about it. The developed world is in a complacent slumber, and neither fantastical Hollywood movies nor dry probability estimates can awaken it to the reality of impending disaster.

In The Mars Mystery, Hancock, Bauval and Grigsby try something very different – they develop a firmly historical perspective on a catastrophe we have yet to experience.

The story begins with Mars. The authors examine and approve the theory that our planetary neighbour once held a dense atmosphere and oceans of water but was extinguished with incredible violence by a barrage of rock many thousands of years ago. They also provide an up-to-date, comprehensive and refreshingly balanced review of the photographic evidence regarding the past existence of a Martian civilisation. Equally absorbing is the investigation into NASA’s handling of the controversy surrounding the photographs, which included the issuing of false statements. The authors relate this to the history of disinformation policies pursued by American defence institutions.

The scope of the book then broadens to cover the impacts that have involved Earth, our Moon and the other scarred bodies in our solar system. The reader may be shocked to discover that our Moon is literally still vibrating from an impact that was observed by shocked Earthlings hundreds of years ago.


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