Library: Astrophotography Basics: Meteors, Comets, Eclipses, Aurorae, Star Trails.

Title:      Astrophotography Basics: Meteors, Comets, Eclipses, Aurorae, Star Trails.
Categories:      History
BookID:      205
Authors:      Unknown
ISBN-10(13):      ED304333
Publisher:      Kodak
Publication date:      1988
Number of pages:      25
Language:      English
Price:      0.00
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

THIS BOOK IS LOCATED IN THE HALIFAX CENTRE ARCHIVE CABINET and may be borrowed by submitting a "Borrow Request".

This pamphlet gives an introduction to the principles of astronomical picture-taking. Chapters included are: (1) "Getting Started" (describing stationary cameras, sky charts and mapping, guided cameras, telescopes, brightness of astronomical subjects, estimating exposure, film selection, camera filters, film processing, and exposure for basic astrophotography); (2) "Solar Eclipse" (discussing safety issues, filters for partial phases, focal length of lens, camera protection, exposure, what to photograph, telescope, camera support, filters, and exposure for still and movie cameras); and (3) "Lunar Eclipse" (presenting general procedures, exposure, and exposure recommendations). The appendix provides information on books, references, and supply sources. Many pictures, diagrams, and tables are provided.

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