The award of Fellow of the RASC (FRASC) is to recognize the long-term and on-going contributions of members whose service to the Society has been exemplary and substantive for an extended period of time. 

It is intended to be the Society’s most senior award and the highest honour the Society can pay to a member. Candidate’s service and contributions to the Society have had a significant positive impact on the work of the Society over an extended period and have contributed to the Society’s success in attaining its stated objectives, mission, and vision. Such contributions were at both the Centre and national level, and at least half of the service contribution has been rendered at the national level. 

As of 2019, four of the fourteen Fellows are from Halifax Centre.

Fellows of the RASC (from Halifax Centre) 
2020 – David Chapman
2016 – Patrick Kelly
2015 – Mary Lou Whitehorne, Dave Lane
2013 – Dr. Roy Bishop