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Dedicated to the Advancement of Astronomy and Allied Sciences

The Halifax Centre of the RASC is an active association of over 200 amateur and professional astronomers, united by their appreciation of the night sky and the wonders it contains. The Centre is located in the provincial capital city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, but many members live in several outlying communities, other provinces, and even other countries. The roots of the Centre date back to 1951 when, with the help of Father Burke-Gaffney of St. Mary's University, the Nova Scotia Astronomical Society was founded. The NSAS became the Halifax Centre of the RASC in January 1955. The RASC prides itself in educating the general public about astronomy. The public programs sponsored by Halifax Centre include: lectures, public star nights, and activities during special astronomical events.

All photos and drawings on this site were created by RASC Halifax members, who reserve all rights.

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Monthly RASC meetings open to everyone!

RASC Events

RASC February Meeting

The Halifax Centre will be holding its usual monthly meeting on Saturday, February 2.

NOTE: The February to May meetings of the Centre will be on the FIRST SATURDAY of the month in the AFTERNOON. We hope this will allow more people to participate.

The meeting will run from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

We can all look forward to the exciting topics being presented this month:

- upcoming exciting outreach events

- Food for the Soul

- What's Up?

- What's Up with the Moon?

- Dave Chapman's presentation of the two additional RASC observing videos for the intermediate and advanced certificates

- Kathryn Gray presenting Astronomy News

- Paul Heath's activity that will surely engage us all!

- John Read will highlight books as part of his Librarian Report

New item this month: Years ago, there used to be a segment in which a part of the Observer's Handbook (OH) was introduced to members. To paraphrase Pat Kelly's statement in last month's meeting, white space and pretty pictures entice people to read a book and the OH has neither. Pat will present the first of a series of short presentation of a segment of the OH. The purpose is to encourage new and experienced members alike to use the OH on a more frequent basis. The first talk will be on the sections related to the Galilean moons of Jupiter.

Although usually held at the end of the meeting, Social Time will be held at this point before the main presentation. As always, treats and beverages will be provided.

Our Special Presentation: Tim Doucette will be speaking about Deep-Sky Eye Observatory.

Following the meeting, members will be invited to go out for dinner. Paul will ask at the end of the meeting as to who is interested in going out for dinner and further socializing. Hope you will enjoy this new format on the Saturday afternoon. Looking forward to seeing one and all at the meeting.

Atrium 101, Atrium Building, St. Mary's University


Dates of future meetings are:

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Saturday, May 4, 2019

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