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RASC, Halifax Centre
PO Box 31011
Nova Scotia B3K 5T9

2022 Elected Officers

President - Judy Black

Vice-President - Patrick Kelly

Secretary - Peter Hurley

Treasurer - Gregg Dill

2022 Elected Directors:

Tim Doucette

Matthew Dyer

David Hoskin

Kathy Walker

Jaime Whynot

Appointed Positions - Approved by the Board (January 4, 2022)

Honorary President - Mary Lou Whitehorne

Dark-Sky Preserve Committee, Co-Chairs - Peter Hurley, Tony Schellinck

Editors, Nova Notes - Lisa Ann Fanning (Editor), John McPhee (Copy Editor)

Education & Public Outreach, Interim Chair - David Hoskin

Governance Review Committee, Chair - Judy Black

Librarian - Jerry Black

National Council Representative - Judy Black

Nominating Committee, Chair - Peter Hurley

Nova East Planning Committee, Chair - Judy Black

Observing Chair - David Hoskin

St. Croix Observatory (SCO) Manager - John Liddard

Auditor 2021-2022 - Dave Lane