Dedicated to the Advancement of Astronomy and Allied Sciences

The Halifax Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) is an active association of amateur and professional astronomers, united by their appreciation of the night sky and the wonders it contains. The RASC prides itself in educating the general public about astronomy. The public programs sponsored by Halifax Centre include: lectures, public star nights, and activities during special astronomical events.
All photos and drawings on this site were created by RASC Halifax members, who reserve all rights.

Halifax's astronomical history is long. The First Nations inhabitants of the Maritimes can trace their use of celestial bodies for daily time-keeping and navigation across several millennia. European arrivals in Halifax and Louisbourg also put astronomy into practical use. Read about this in the flyer produced by Randall Rosenfeld for the RASC 2015 General Assembly, Halifax: Astronomical History & Heritage.

The roots of the RASC Halifax Centre date back to 1951 when, with the help of Father M.W. Burke-Gaffney of St. Mary's University, the Nova Scotia Astronomical Society (NSAS) was founded. The NSAS became the Halifax Centre of the RASC in January 1955. To read more about our history as a Centre, click here.  

The Centre has about 180 members, most of in Nova Scotia but many live in several outlying communities, other provinces, and even other countries. Individuals, families and youth are all part of this vibrant Centre that believes in and practices inclusivity and diversity.

Bylaw #1 & Objectives

The Centre's objectives (PDF) were approved by Special Resolution in February 2017 and amended bylaws (PDF) were approved by Special Resolution in January 2019.

Position Descriptions 

Approved Position Descriptions for each elected position on the Board of Directors and the appointed positions are provided.


Approved Halifax Centre Board Minutes of Board of Directors meetings from 2015 to present.

Policy Documents 

Several Policy Documents have been developed and approved by the Board of Directors, such as Terms of Reference for the Board of Directors and its committees, Privacy Policy, etc.