Membership is open to anyone interested in astronomy. Benefits include:
  • Observer's Handbook (annual) — print publication
  • Explore the Universe Guide — print publication
  • Journal of the RASC (6/year) — National electronic publication
  • Nova Notes (5/year) — Centre electronic newsletter
  • Borrowing from the Halifax Centre's Library
  • Access to and use of the St. Croix Observatory (near Windsor)
  • Use of Centre-owned telescopes


Astronomical Connections

Some members have a minor planet (asteroid) named after them. In alphabetical order, we congratulate the following Nova Scotian RASC members who are included in the "Main Belt Section of the RASC Halifax Centre Asteroid Club."* Further details on these and other asteroids are available through the links to the RASC (asteroid name) and the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Small Body Database Lookup (designation number). 
Carlyle Smith Beals: (3314) Beals, Designation 1981 FH, absolute magnitude: 12.91
Dr. Roy Bishop: (6901) Roybishop, Designation 1989 PA, absolute magnitude: 13.74
David Chapman: (10047) Davidchapman, Designation 1986 QK2, absolute magnitude: 13.79
(Note: Asteroid was named in October 2021; websites not updated to reflect the naming of 10047)
James Edgar (associate member): (22421) Jamesedgar, Designation 1995 XC5, absolute magnitude: 15.12
Paul Gray: (20018) Paulgray, Designation 1991UJ2, absolute magnitude: 14.01
David Lane: (117032) Davidlane, Designation 2004 JN20, absolute magnitude: 15.28
Daniel Majaess: (304233) Majaess, Designation 2006 RE3, absolute magnitude: 16.22
Simon Newcomb: (855) Newcombia, Designation A916 GP, absolute magnitude: 11.77
Joshua Slocum: (246913) Slocum, Designation 1998 SU63, absolute magnitude: 16.36
Dr. David Turner: (27810) Daveturner, Designation 1993 OC2, absolute magnitude: 14.47
Mary Lou Whitehorne: (144907) Whitehorne, Designation 2004 YS3, absolute magnitude: 16.08
The following communities and institutions also have named asteroids: 
Annapolis Royal: (516560) Annapolisroyal, Designation 2006 XL67, absolute magnitude: 17.08
Acadia University: (5547) Acadiau, Designation 1980 LE1, absolute magnitude: 12.50
Saint Mary's University: (6898) Saint-Marys, Designation 1988 LE, absolute magnitude: 12.56
* courtesy of Mary Lou Whitehorne