Members and their guests are invited to attend the Annual BBQ & Observing night to the St. Croix Observatory (SCO).
Date: Saturday Sept. 7 2024
Time: BBQ start time to be determined, but it was last at 5:00 PM ADT, observing sometime after 8:00 PM when the stars begin to shine

Place: St. Croix Observatory
Burgers (beef, chicken and veggie), hotdogs, condiments, veggie tray, chips, cookies and a special cake will be provided to those in attendance. Hot (tea, instant coffee, hot chocolate) & cold (pop, water) beverages will also be provided.
Reminder: Any headlamp or flashlight you bring must be a red light or be covered with red cellophane.
Members are invited to stay (skies be willing) for an informal observing session following the BBQ - bring your astronomy gear. Representatives from Minas Energy will also be in attendance for us to show them why we appreciate this site.
For those new to astronomy and/or are visual observers, bring your binoculars (and telescopes if you have one) - you can see some wonderful objects in the sky. The Astroimagers in our Centre will be there taking pictures of the night skies that I am sure they would love to share. 
Bring layers of warm clothing to ensure you stay warm from the time of the BBQ through the observing session. There is a Warm Room and warm beverages will be available throughout the evening should anyone get cold, but be prepared for a cooler evening outdoors.
If you have any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .