Cover of Designing Sundials: The Graphic Method: How to Design Accurate Sundials for Any Place on Earth
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Year: 2007

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The Gnomon; The Dial Plate , Your Geographical Coordinates , Finding North, The Tropics, The Southern Hemisphere, Systems of Time Keeping (Solar, Mean Standard, Daylight Saving, and Civil Time) BASIC TYPES OF SUNDIAL Dials with Convergent Hourines (Equatorial, Horizontal and Vertical Dials, North & South) Hourlines (Polar Dials) OPTIONAL FEATURES The Basic Equatorial Dials (North & South), The Basic Polar Dial, The Vertical Polar Dial (East & West), Twelve Hour 3-D Polar Dials, CORRECTING FOR LONGITUDE Table 1 Standard Time Zones and Meridians Formulae for Determining the Longitude Correction Appendix, CONVERTING TO MEAN TIME ...Table 2: Plaque of Adjustments The Analemma (The Figure-8 or Double-S Curves), Reading the Figure-8 Analemma, Reading the Double- Hourline Table 3 The Declination of the Sun and the Equation of TimeTable 4 For Reference When Drawing the Figure-8 Analemma Table 5 For Reference When Drawing the Double-S Hourlines Appendix C & D: DAYLGHT SAVING TIME, FINDING NORTH

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