Want to plan your next observing/astroimaging session? Here are the St. Croix Observatory (SCO) 360º panorama data sets for use with Stellarium or KStars or SkySafari.

In Stellarium, select the sky viewing options and choose “landscape” and “add/remove landscape” to select the zip file containing the folder to be added.

In KStars, using the EKOS options to enable and define the reference “terrain” image location.

In SkySafari Pro, download the .png file from the zip files below into the SkySafari directory. On an iPhone connected to your Mac, add the file to the SkySafari Pro directory within the iPhone. Restart SkySafari Pro and choose the panoramic image as the background under Settings -> Horizon and Sky. 

 SCOEastPad (zip file)

 SCOSouthPad (zip file)

 SCOWestPad (zip file)

 SCORolloffNorthWest (zip file)

 SCORolloffNorthEast (zip file)

 SCORolloffSouthEast (zip file)

 SCORolloffSouthWest (zip file)