Enjoy dark clear nights away from city lights and the company of like-minded amateur astronomers who appreciate the wonders of the night sky. Most clear Moon-free nights, you will find our keen observers out there!

Halifax RASC Monthly Observing Nights for 2024

Month New Moon Members Night Alternate Notes
January Thur 11th Jan Friday 12th Jan Saturday 13th Jan  
February Fri 9th Feb Fri 9th Feb Saturday 10th Feb  
March Sun 10th March Friday 8th Mar Saturday 9th Mar  
April Mon 8th April Friday 5th Apr  Saturday 6th Apr 

Optional - Eclispse Weekend ?


Wed 8th May

Friday 10 May

Saturday 11 May


Thur 6th June

Friday 7th Jun

Saturday 8th Jun

Optional - Astro Twilight?


Fri 5th July

Friday 5th Jul

Saturday 6th Jul

Optional - Astro Twilight?


Sun 4th Aug

Friday 2nd Aug

Saturday 3rd Aug


Mon 2nd Sept

Friday 6th Sept

Saturday 7th Sept


Wed 2nd Oct

Friday 4th Oct

Saturday 5th Oct


Fri 1st Nov

Friday 1st Nov

Saturday 2nd Nov


Sun 1st Dec

Friday 29th Nov

Saturday 30th Nov


Mon 30th Dec

Friday 27th Dec

Saturday 28th Dec


Members can be found observing there most clear, dark nights. For more information, Contact Us .

The view from SCO

Become a SCO Key Holder

For a modest fee, members who have been in good standing for more than a year and who have been briefed on the operation of the observatory can gain access to the facility by having their very own key. Contact Us for details.