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SCO Astrophoto Fundraiser

Meetings of Halifax Centre are from 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM on the FIRST SATURDAY of the month (except July and August). There may be exceptions if the date falls on a holiday weekend.

In lieu of face-to-face meetings, we now host Members' Meetings using Zoom. All meetings and special sessions are recorded and are accessible on the RASC Halifax Centre YouTube channel.

RASC Members' Meeting

When: Saturday, March 6, 2021

Time: 1:00 PM Atlantic (12 Noon Eastern)

Topic: Halifax Centre Members Meeting

Registration in advance is required for this meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Welcome & Members' Photo Montage 

Special Presentation:
Dr. Luigi Gallo (Saint Mary's University) - Black Holes: the Loud, the quiet and the silent
Dr. Luigi Gallo will provide an overview of research conducted in the past few years related to black holes. Topics such as active galaxies, black hole imaging, the Milky Way galactic centre, and gravitational waves will be addressed. He will also present some of the research he is conducting at Saint Mary’s University that was recently highlighted by the European Space Agency on twitter. An article regarding his research can be found here. 

Paul Heath - Outreach/Inreach, Food for the Soul 

Special Presentation: Michael Gatto - Sketching & Digitizing Mars Images

Dave Chapman will present the What's up in March?
Judy Black - News from the Board

Following the Members' Meeting, there will be 60 minutes in which members can stay online for social time. An opportunity to catch up with each other, ask questions, etc. Join us! NOTE: This segment is informal and will not be recorded!



Members may be found observing at the St. Croix Observatory on almost every clear, dark night. Once a month, we encourage members and their guests to congregate at SCO, at which time new members are particularly welcome. 

Members are advised to sign up to the email discussion list to keep up to date on gatherings of fellow observers.

The viewing field at Nova East

For over 30 years, the RASC Halifax Centre and other local groups have hosted the Nova East Star Party. It was originally established as the camping and observing weekend for the Halifax Centre and has grown to include participants from other astronomy clubs in the Atlantic region, and a number of attendees from the northeastern United States.

All participants come to enjoy dark skies on a weekend near the new Moon phase towards the end of summer. Nova East is held at Smiley's Provincial Park, near Windsor, Nova Scotia. A limiting magnitude of +6 is the norm. 

Nova East registrants have access to all events, including all talks, workshops and presentations, three nights of observing (weather permitting!), the potluck BBQ, the astronomers' breakfasts and the door prizes draw. Nova East Registrants have onsite parking (if camping) or adjacent site parking (if not camping).

In 2019, the RASC Halifax Centre revised the structure and criteria of the astrophotography contest that had traditionally been part of Nova East. There are now 3 categories to enter favourite photos - Deep-Sky, Wide-Field and Solar System. The 2019 winners can be seen here.


One of Halifax Centre’s objectives is to stimulate interest and to promote and increase knowledge in astronomy and related sciences. Consequently, members of Halifax Centre are active in promoting astronomy education in Nova Scotia and are proud of the outreach events they hold every year.

The Centre participates in numerous activities throughout the year. For example, if there is an astronomical event, such as an eclipse, the Centre attempts to organize special public sessions for all to enjoy.¬†Every year, our Centre provides Galileo moments (instances of personal astronomical experience or discovery) to more than 4,000 Nova Scotians. It‚Äôs wonderful to hear ‚Äúoh, wow‚ÄĚ when someone looks up to see¬†something in our Universe for the first time.

Upcoming Outreach Events:

Future events will be posted when dates are known.

Outreach events, when organized, will be done according to the Nova scotia COVID-19 Guidelines.

If there any questions about outreach, please contact our Outreach Chair.