2021 Astroimaging Contest Entries

(Photos are the copyrighted property of the photographers. Permission to use any of their photos for other purposes must be obtained from the photographer.)

These photos (1 - 24) are this year's entries. RASC Halifax members may vote for their People's Choice favourite through a SurveyMonkey survey to be emailed separately. Note: with some internet browsers, hovering over the photo with your cursor will display the photo details. You may also be able to right-click on an image and view it in a separate window to see a larger version. If necessary, the files were reduced in JPEG quality to meet a 2M file upload limit (which might be noticeable if you view a zoomed image). The judges have access to the original submitted images. Note: SS_02 was recategorized to WF_09.

DS_02_-_M31_Andromeda.jpg DS_02 Andromeda Galaxy - Andromeda Galaxy Jason Dain Winner Deep Sky
SS_01_-_ISS_Transit_Sun.jpgSS_01 ISS Solar Transit - Jason Dain Winner Solar System
WF_01_-_Milky_Way_and_Moon.jpg WF_01 Milky Way and Moon - Jason Dain Wide Field Winner
WF_04_Milky_Way_Peggys_Cove.jpgWF_04 Touching the Cosmo - Chris Kelly Winner of the Peoples Choice Award
DS_01_North_America_Nebula_from_HalifaxDS_01 North America Nebula from Halifax - John Read
DS_03_-_Heart_of_the_Heart_Nebula.jpg DS_03 Heart of the Heart Nebula - Jason Dain
DS_04_-_M42_Orion_Nebula.jpgDS_04 Orion Nebula - Jason Dain
DS_05_M31.jpgDS_05 Andromeda Galaxy - Chris Kelly
DS_06_M42.jpg DS_06 Messier 42, the Great Orion Nebula - Kathy Walker
DS_07_M8.jpgDS_07 Messier 8, the Lagoon Nebula - Kathy Walker
DS_08_NGC_281_jpg.jpgDS_08 The Pacman Nebula (NGC 281) - David Hoskin
DS_09_Sharpless_157_et_al_jpg.jpgDS_09 Sharpless 157 et al. - David Hoskin
DS_10_NGC2244.jpgDS_10 Rosette Nebula with L-eNhance Filter - Jeff Donaldson
SS_03_Lunar_X.jpgSS_03 Lunar X - Dave Chapman
SS_04_Moon Maria Craters Montes.jpeg SS_04 Moon Maria Craters Montes Gibbous Moon - Dave Chapman
SS_05_Sun_in_Hydrogen_Alpha_jpg.jpg SS_05 Sun in Hydrogen Alpha - David Hoskin
SS_06_Gang_of_Four_jpg.jpgSS_06 Gang of Four Lunar Craters - David Hoskin
WF_02_Keji_Milky_Way.jpgWF_02 Meadow Beach - Stewart Cameron
WF_03_Milky_Way_Point_Wolfe.jpgWF_03 Wolfe 1992 - Chris Kelly
WF_05_Moon_and_Venus.jpeg WF_05 Moon and Venus - Dave Chapman
WF_06_Muin_Aurora.jpgWF_06 Muin Aurora - Dave Chapman
WF_07_Harvest_Moon__Rising_jpg.jpgWF_07 Harvest Moon Rising - David Hoskin
WF_08_Springtime_Zodiacal_Light_jpg.jpgWF_08 Springtime Zodiacal Light - David Hoskin
WF_09_Milky_Way.jpg WF_09 Milky Way “Core" - Chris Kelly