One of Halifax Centre’s objectives is to stimulate interest and to promote and increase knowledge in astronomy and related sciences. Consequently, members of Halifax Centre are active in promoting astronomy education in Nova Scotia and are proud of the outreach events they hold every year.

The Centre participates in numerous activities throughout the year. For example, if there is an astronomical event, such as an eclipse, the Centre attempts to organize special public sessions for all to enjoy. Every year, our Centre provides Galileo moments (instances of personal astronomical experience or discovery) to more than 4,000 Nova Scotians. It’s wonderful to hear “oh, wow” when someone looks up to see something in our Universe for the first time.

Upcoming Outreach Events:

Future events will be posted when dates are known.

Outreach events, when organized, will be done according to the Nova scotia COVID-19 Guidelines.

If there any questions about outreach, please contact our Outreach Chair.