Cover of One Giant Leap: Neil Armstrongs Stellar American Journey
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Publisher: Forge Book
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9780312873431
Year: 2004

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On July 20, 1969 the whole world stopped. It was a day in which a man who grew up on a farm without electricity would announce, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

In this, the first ever biography of Neil Armstrong, Leon Wagener explores the man whose walk on the moon is still compared to humankinds progenitors crawl out of the primordial ooze. And whose retreat back to a farm in his native Ohio soon after the last ticker tape confetti fell, has left him looked upon as a reclusive hermit ever since.

This is the true story of a national hero, whose life long quest to walk on the moon truely mirrors our best selves, an American who braved incredible danger daily over a long career, finally achieving what seemed impossible, and broke free of the Earths surly bonds proving forever that man can reach for the stars, and succeed.

Relying on hundreds of interviews with family and friends of the astronaut, plus generous access to the NASA files, Leon Wagener explores the life of one of Americas true heroes, in a book filled with extraordianry adventure, and even greater achievement.

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