Cover of Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes
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Publisher: CRC Press
Pages: 356
ISBN: 9781333634483
Year: 1962

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Vol. II. Has been rewritten, and every effort has been made to bring it up to date. Publications on double stars are now numerous, but not easy of access to the amateur, and it was thought Well to complete the list as far as Mag. 65, and to give as far as possible later measures where there is motion. In the case of some of the rapid Binaries nothing could be done beyond giving a general idea Of direction and distance. For some later unpublished measures I am indebted to the kindness of the Astronomer Royal, also to Mr. Franks and Rev. Th. E. R. Phillips. Mr. Innes, at my request, undertook to bring the list of Double Stars in the Southern Hemisphere up to date, the boundary being fixed beyond S. Decl. Mr. T. Lewis, who is so eminently the authority in England on double stars, has kindly furnished me with many valuable hints. As the previous index omitting the star places was found inconvenient, a new index giving the places as well as the page is now given, on the lines kindly suggested to me by Dr. W. H. Maw, for the double stars. This has been extended to the Nebulae, red stars, and spectroscopic Objects, and it is hoped that it will meet the requirements of those who work with Equatorials. The star places are for 1920, and have been simply corrected for precession, and no greater accuracy has been aimed at than in the previous editions. Mr. W. Milburn has rendered valuable aid in arranging the stars for the new index, and in reading through the proof sheets of each volume.

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