Cover of Canada star watch the essential guide to our night sky
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Publisher: Voyageur Press
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9780760331231
Year: 2007

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Why do you need a stargazing book specific to Canada? Because the night sky looks different depending on where youre stargazing. Did you know, for example, that the night sky has 88 constellations, but we only see three-quarters of these in Canada?
Thats why each of the 12 star maps (one for each month) is set for Canadas northern latitude! Take this book out in your backyard, flip to the correct star map, look up at the sky, and voila! Theres a perfect map of your night sky!
With Canada StarWatch, you can:
* Enjoy the mythology behind the constellations, including Orion the Hunter, Cassiopeia the Queen, and Perseus the Hero.
* Locate the most prominent seasonal constellations with easy-to-use star maps designed for Canadas northern latitude.
* Learn about the moon, solar and lunar eclipses, and the planets, as well as comets, meteor showers, and aurora borealis. Theres even a planet locator guide good through 2017!
* Gain firsthand advice on purchasing a telescope and other stargazing equipment, plus find listings of local astronomy resources.

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