Cover of Astronomy Manual The Practical Guide to the Night Sky
Category: Reference
Publisher: Haynes Publishing
Pages: 201
ISBN: 9781844258215
Year: 2010

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Starting with a brief history of astronomy, the author explores the Sun and the Solar System, the observable Universe and returns to its cosmological origins. An extensive section on amateur viewing offers practical advice for those starting out in astronomy, including viewing with the naked eye, binoculars, amateur telescope, camera and webcam, and provides a comprehensive guide to choosing the right equipment both for viewing and for photographing the night sky. Further chapters on professional viewing and astrophotography are followed by appendices giving lists of useful resources, simple star maps, a moon map and a full glossary. With stunning photographs and full-colour illustrations throughout, the Haynes Astronomy Manual is the essential guide for anyone with an interest in amateur astronomy. Jane A. Green has written articles for Sky & Telescope and Astronomy Now, and also lectures to a wide range of audiences alongside VIPs, celebrities and industry professionals, including US astronaut Buzz Aldrin. She lives in Sussex.

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