Cover of The Beginner's Observing Guide
Category: Reference
Publisher: Royal Astronomical Soc of Canada
Pages: 194
ISBN: 968914152
Year: 2003

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At last!
An easy-to-follow guide to the sky that provides essential information in a non-technical way - the basic information about:
  • the motions of the heavens
  • the position of objects in the sky the brightness of heavenly objects
  • finding your direction from the stars
  • the names of the brightest stars
  • the naming systems for stars
  • what to make of the constellations
  • how to read star maps
  • observing the moon and its phases
  • observing naked-eye variable stars
  • observing meteors and meteor showers
  • observing comets, Aurora, and the Zodiacal Light
  • observing the sun safely
  • recording observations quickly and easily
  • month-by-month star maps that are easy to read
  • numerous tips on becoming a better observer
  • practical exercises to develop observing skills
  • special information about binocular observing
  • information about when to buy a telescope
  • considerations to remember when buying telescopes
  • recommended sources of additional information
  • a helpful glossary of amateur astronomical terms
  • answers to questions asked by beginning observers
  • appendix of information that includes several lists:
  • the 88 constellations
  • solar system data for both the sun and planets
  • the 30 brightest stars
  • 10 variable stars to be observed naked-eye
  • the 10 nearest naked-eye stars
  • a user-friendly format intended for use outdoors:
  • star maps that fold out
  • a binding that allows the book to lie flat
  • space to record observing notes at the end


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