Cover of Cambridge Atlas of Astronomy
Category: Atlas
Publisher: Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, Mass.
Pages: 432
ISBN: 9780521263696
Year: 1985

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The Cambridge Atlas of Astronomy is a comprehensive account of the results of our physical and intellectual exploration of the Universe. The 1980s is an exciting period for space exploration: the early big-budget manned space spectacles have been replaced by the regular flights of the Space Shuttle to launch and service satellites, to carry scientists into orbit to do research on board Spacelab, and in 1986 to bear the Space Telescope aloft to provide the most detailed views yet of deep-space objects. The infrared astronomy satellite IRAS has recently shown us stars being born and presented us with astonishing views of the centre of our Galaxy. The X-ray detecting satellite Exosat is providing us with images of X-ray sources ten times fainter than were detectable by its predecessor, the Einstein Observatory. The images and results of all recent astronomical investigations are included in the Atlas with expert analysis and explanation from a team of astronomers and consultants at the forefront of modern astronomy and astrophysics. The Atlas is made complete by the inclusion of chapters on the history of astronomy and on cosmology. From the Earth itself, out through the planets to the most distant galaxies this Atlas is the most complete and authoritative one volume reference book on astronomy that is available.

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