Cover of Deep-Sky Companions: Hidden Treasures
Category: Atlas
Publisher: Bantam Books of Canada Ltd
Pages: 602
ISBN: 9780521837040
Year: 2007

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Stephen OMearas new and exciting observing guide spotlights an original selection of 109 deep-sky objects that will appeal to sky-watchers worldwide. His hidden treasures include a wonderful assortment of galaxies, open clusters, planetary nebulae and more, all of which have been carefully chosen based on their popularity and ease of observing. None of these objects are included in either the Messier or the Caldwell catalogs, and all are visible in a 4-inch telescope under dark skies. Stunning photographs and beautiful drawings accompany detailed visual descriptions of the objects, which include their rich histories and astrophysical significance. The authors original finder charts are designed to help observers get to their targets fast and efficiently.

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