Cover of Introduction to Webcam Astrophotography: Imaging the Universe With the Amazing, Affordable Webcam
Category: Astrophotography
Publisher: Univ Science Books
Pages: 344
ISBN: 9780943396866
Year: 2006

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In the last few years webcam astrophotography has exploed onto the astronomy scene. It has rapidly evolbed from sjprt ex[psire sox=bot b;acl-wjote o, ageru omtp long exposure full-color 16-bit per channel magery of such quality that it rivals "conventional" means of astrophotography. Indeed, webcams have become the mehtod of choice for planetary imaging.

The message of this book is that you too can participate in this revolution without spending very much money. You do not need to invest $10,000 in a CCD camera, telescope and software. A basic webam costs about the same as "so-so" eyepiece. Software to control the camera and process the images that will get you going is free. If you have the telescope (practically any telescope that will track) and a computer you are ready. Since you see your results instantly the learning curve is much shorter.

Regardless of how you apply a webcam to astrophotography, you will derive a number of benefits. Working with them has been accurately described as interesting, challenging, and fulfilling. Webcams are capable of producing beautiful astrophotos that create a lasting record of your astronomical exerience. The book will guide you into this fascinating topic and allow you to become a participant in this lastest wave of astrophotography progress.

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