Cover of Splendors of the Universe: A Practical Gudie to Photographing the Night Sky
Category: Astrophotography
Publisher: Cassell
Pages: 144
ISBN: 9781552091418
Year: 1997

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Catch a Falling Star--With a Camera Majestic clouds of cosmic gas floating in constellations ... the elegant swirl of a remote spiral galaxy ... the Milky Ways ethereal glow on a cool summer night. All of these scenes can be yours. Equipped with modern photographic films or electronic-imaging techniques, the dedicated backyard astronomer can surpass all but the very best solar picture obtained at the worlds largest observatories.

Splendors of the Universe displays more than 200 celestial portraits ranging from lunar landscapes to remote galaxy clusters billions of light years away-all taken by amateur astronomers. More than a photo album, Splendors of the Universe provides information on the objects displayed as well as the details of how each picture was taken.

Astrophotography experts Terence Dickinson and Jack Newton offer a wealth of practical information and tips about techniques and equipment for both the novice and experienced photographers.


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